The Why.

Over the past several years, I’ve been trying to figure out a sustainable work-out routine. I’ve joined gyms, used personal trainers, and built a home gym.  But none of these ever seemed to stick. I constantly had goals that I never met and just always felt defeated. I’ve struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. This past year, Mark and I were both headed down a path that I wasn’t happy with, gaining weight, increased stress, fatigue, and both of us completely unhappy with how we looked. This is not a place either of us wanted to be, and I wanted out of it.  On top of all this I was struggling with serious depression. My capacity to do very much was low and my anxiety was high. After I had post-partum with Zeke, my alone time was working out. I would listen to Steven Furtick sermons (who is intense and motivating) while I lifted weights.  This allowed me to to work on my mental and physical health simultaneously. But things have changed, I don’t have kids who sleep eighteen hours a day, my husband travels a fair amount, and I could no longer afford the accountability of a personal trainer. Something had to give, and it wasn’t going to be the button in my jeans.

At my daughter’s 2 year old birthday I realized after looking at pictures I was in the same clothes as the year before. Nothing was changing. What worked before wasn’t working anymore.

I didn’t have to be alone in my journey.

Then a girlfriend shared her health journey with me and it really resonated.  She was honest and practical but also very realistic. She had four children and managed to work-out every day so, why couldn’t I?  I needed to take this one step at a time with realistic goals, or I knew I’d be out. I’ve always struggled with perfectionism and I realized that I had to focus on one day at a time versus, some goal that was completely out of my reach.

I already had the gym, so what was stopping me? I knew the facts but I couldn’t seem to put them into practice.

The Solution.

Part of getting well emotionally meant getting well physically. I’ve learned so much about the physical/spiritual/emotional connection. You can’t compartmentalize any of it. We choose to spend time on our faith, but not our physical or we’ll spend time working on our emotional, but neglect the spiritual. No matter how hard we try to compartmentalize the physical/spiritual/emotional aspects of our lives it just doesn’t work, and it’s not supposed to. I joined a private accountability group where I got daily support, motivation and recipes/tips. It’s honestly been the best, easiest, and most effective way for me to work-out. I have been working out for over 32 weeks consistently, which has never happened. I love the variety of the workouts, how well laid out and practical the healthy eating is as well as the LONG TERM approach to getting healthy.  The best part is my whole family has changed along with me.

Trying to get bikini ready! Turning 40 in six months, is motivation enough for anyone.

Staying the course.

All this to say I’d love to help you reach your goals and commit to working out, seeing your depression and anxiety decrease and get in shape along the way. I can help you do this by customizing support, keeping you motivated, accountable, and sharing what is working for me!  I truly believe in order to live well with anxiety and depression, exercise is a must.

Interested in changing things up? Fill out one of my accountability applications Accountability Group or Email me I’d love to help you! 


Sara’s Coach Website

She is energetic and STRONGa hard worker. Proverbs 31:17 NLT

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